Friday, January 16, 2015

"What the Craft"

So in another life I had more of a crafty blog:
Former Life Blog
Much Simpler times for sure.  I was going to go back and change it- You know like take out all posts with the ex and all but then I decided NO!  All of that history makes me who I am now.
Feel free to explore it, read about the happy times in an unhappy time.  I know if I was the reader I would read it from start to finish and try to look for clues of a marriage crumbling (I am kind of weird like that... I start to feel like me and the blog writer are friends and I can somehow FIX things).
ANYWAY... back on track.  I fear if I do not give myself "daily blogging assignments" I will not keep up with this blog either.
I have decided that Fridays will be my day to write about CRAFTING!  You know things like: pinterest attempts, my own tutorials, just FUN stuff!  I have decided these posts will be titled "What the Craft Fridays"
Do you like it?
I am excited to get fully settled in this space!  I have missed my past blogging friends....

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